freddie flowersFreddie’s Flower’s is an online business that offers regular fresh flower delivery to homes across the UK.

Established in 2014, the company relies on a quality product efficiently processed, prepared and delivered – the flowers arrive at the customer’s home about 36 hours after picking.

Having started working with Freddie’s Flower’s in 2015 with just three vehicles, we work closely with the management team to ensure efficiency in the supply chain and logistics. This has seen us grow alongside them, now supplying 33 drivers working from two national hubs in London and Manchester.

Long-term Partnerships

Effectively still at the start-up stage in 2015, we met the management team, heard the pitch and loved the idea. This led to us investing in sign-written vehicles, a dedicated team and infrastructure to help deliver the brand promise from the logistics end of the business.

Our drivers are all trained in flower identification and understand how to present the flowers to ensure an empathetic approach to the customer experience. Our vehicles comply to Euro 6 emissions standards as many of them deliver in London and they have special lighting installed as much of the work is undertaken very early in the morning from the packing plant in Isleworth.

Growing Knowledge

Like all growing businesses, understanding and refining processes is essential. Our bespoke management system gives Freddie’s Flowers (and us) vital data to help identify cost savings and efficiency. Photo-proof of all deliveries helps with customer services, alongside route planning with an ever-growing customer base.

Ongoing Efficiency

Like all commodity-based delivery processes, cost-per-unit “to door” delivery is essential for the service to remain competitive with customers. Working with Freddie’s Flowers, we have developed a process whereby 50% of all delivery boxes are recycled back into the business, and 30% are re-used more than once, delivering a huge cost saving per delivery. The collected packaging that cannot be used again is re-purposed sustainably.

With the company attracting a growing customer base in the North-West of England, 2018 saw us invest in a Manchester hub, with a team of drivers, vehicles and a dedicated office. Combined with a cost-effective ‘trunking’ delivery process between depots, this has helped the business reduce delivery costs and reliance on national carriers, where their product is just one in thousands. This has also allowed them to raise brand awareness locally with their own fleet of branded vehicles.

Strategic Approach

The key to any successful e-commerce logistics process is efficiency and that can only be delivered through an open, honest partnership. We are lucky to benefit from a very close working relationship with the team at Freddie’s Flowers and have been happy to invest, working to a long-term plan.

“We found a partner in GSG. No task or demand is too much and they are always happy to go the extra mile – literally!”