GSG: Global Service Group


As a delivery company vehicles are core to our business, that is why we work very closely with Northgate Plc to not only ensure our modern bespoke fleet meet the demands of our customers’ but also to ensure a 24/7 support service is provided throughout the UK.

The fleet we operate ranges from a motorcycle to a 40ft lorry and in all vehicles types we have an option to provide refrigerated vehicles. These temperature controlled vehicles have either a GAH or Hubbard refrigeration units which enables us to provide transport environments ranging from -10 to +15. A number of our customers have regulatory requirements linked to temperature integrity during transport. It is for this reason we have a Seven Telematics tracking system fitted to all vehicles which not only tracks location but load temperature at all times.

When purchasing, operating and disposing of all of our vehicles as an ISO14001 company we always consider the environmental impact. Although not yet fully operational we are trailing alternative energy vehicles for our customers.