GSG: Global Service Group

Case Studies - Private Sector

GSG were asked by a Pan European laboratory testing company to review their UK based logistics. The business concerned had to operate to strict statutory and customer operating procedures whilst offering a very cost effect service.

The service had to operate on a 24/7 basis and have capacity to cope with fluctuations in demand and a requirement for ad hoc services.

The GSG logistics planners approached the project by first identifying a clear understanding of the customer expectation. They then re modeled all the delivery routes and captured detail volume data to ensure the correct vehicles were being utilised.

Once a plan was agreed the team then ran a parallel operation to the existing one for two weeks to prove new routes could meet all customers requirements.

This whole process took about a month, the results were;

  • Reduction in number of vehicles operating
  • Increase in working day of the vehicles
  • More customer collection options
  • Reduction in carbon output
  • Cost savings of in excess of £92k per annum
  • GSG awarded a three year contract which has since had an additional 4 business centre’s added to it

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